Here are some of the most common questions we are asked by our customers when selling an item to us:

1. What happens to the items that I sell you?
Many of the items we purchase are cleaned up, restored, and resold online. 

2. Do you share any of my information with anyone?
Absolutely not. All personal information is kept strictly confidential and is used for record and book keeping purposes only. We due our best to restore any electronics to factory settings and erase any personal information on them before reselling, however, we cannot guarantee that data may not be recovered by a third party. Please make sure to delete any sensitive data permanently before recycling your device. We will not be held responsible for any data recovered or damages caused by a third party. 

3. Why do I need to show a Photo ID?
We work closely with local authorities to report criminal or fraudulent activity of any kind. Electronics and mobile phone theft is rampant in today’s society. We are committed to making sure that we only buy items from the rightful owners. 

4. I am not sure of the exact model number of my item?
The model number on most phones is located on the back of the phone underneath the battery. You should also be able to find the model number on many items in the settings menu>about. You can also bring your phone in anytime during normal business hours and we can let you know the exact model.

5. What is a bad ESN?
The ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number. It is used by cell phone carriers to activate a phone on the network. Some carriers may ban a phone from the network due to nonpayment of a bill or a phone being reported lost or stolen. We do buy phones that have a bad ESN due to nonpayment or still active on a carrier, but not if they are reported lost or stolen. Phones with a BAD ESN will have a lower resale value because they will be sold for parts and will not be able to be activated under the carrier that they were designed for.

6. Can I buy phones from you
Unfortunately no. The phones that we purchase are sold privately.

7. How do you determine pricing?
We use the latest market analysis tools to determine the prices that the current market are currently paying for your items. We then offer that price to determine how much we will pay for your item

8. My phone does not turn on at all. Will you still buy it?
Absolutely. We loved buying broken or damaged phones. As long as it is listed in the damaged section of our price guide we will purchase it in any condition. Depending on how severe the damage is the price may be slightly lower than what is on the website due to the various degrees of damage.

9. I didn’t see my item on your price list. Will you still buy it?
Even if you did not see your item listed under our price guide we may still be interested in purchasing it. Please give us a call or bring your item in and we will be happy to consider it. 

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