For Law Enforcement

We work hard to deter thieves from selling stolen items to us.

 We understand that mobile phone and electronics theft is a growing problem in today’s society and we have incorporated policies that go far above what Virginia law requires, to make us the most unappealing place for thieves to unload stolen merchandise.

Here is a list of our preventive procedures for cash transactions:

1. Bill of sale is filled out for every purchase 

To view our current bill of sale click here

2. Photo ID is required to sell any item

The Driver’s License or State ID number is recorded on the bill of sale along with the sellers name, address, Date of Birth, and signature.

3. Checkmend/CheckESN report is performed/ Or Call to Wireless Carrier

We use an online company called Checkmend that will search all police databases in the country and also the NCIC database, immobilise, and Reportmyloss. For cell phones we use a site called which lets us know if a phone is clean for activation or has been reported lost or stolen. If a phone has been reported stolen or an item shows up as stolen in the police database we will not purchase those items.

4. Serial Numbers for any items are recorded on the Bill of Sale

5. We have a 14 day holding period on all items

We hold all items for a minimum of 14 days after purchasing as required by Virginia State Law. In case even after doing our due diligence an item turns out to be stolen, we will be able to return it to the rightful owners and give a copy of our bill of sale with the sellers information and their signature to the authorities to aid in prosecuting the criminal.